The crystalized uric acid compound in the body can be described with different names such as the Uric Acid Crystal, Uric Crystal, Urate Crystal, Monosodium Urate (MSU), and so on. They all mean the same chemical compound that activates the painful swelling usually on big toe, known as gout. Uric Acid is known as a chemical compound that has very low solubility, having very low saturation point of 0.416 milli mol/l. For memory sake, saturation point is level of concentration beyond which a substance cannot be absorbed by the liquid solution. The solubility (capacity to dissolve) of the Gouty Acid is about 50 times lesser than salt in the same solution. Urate crystal begins to form when the uric acid concentration at certain parts of the body goes beyond the 0.416 milli mol/L point.

Uric acid and gout

Allantoin is substance formed when the enzyme Uricase further degrade the uric acid to a more soluble substance in mammals. Allantoin is used as raw materials for many cosmetics products after been extracted from the urine of mammals. The presence of the uricase enzyme in carnivorous mammals such as cats, dog, and tiger is the reason these animals do not have gout problem no matter how much high protein meat they eat. It is just not possible for uric acid crystal to form in these animals.

There are three places where the uric acid crystals are formed in the body: joints especially big toe; underneath the skin; and the kidneys. The crystal cannot be formed in the bloodstream because if it happens, the fine blood capillaries will be blocked which can cause stroke or heart attack which is the reason kidneys tend to avoid the work load of excreting the waste products. The body tries to remove the gouty acid out into the interstitial fluid and joints from the bloodstreams. Urate crystal firstly form in the joints, then by the kidneys and if the hyperuricemia condition is not attended to for years, the Gouty Acid is forced to move towards the surface of the skin to form some white color cuticles which will grow bigger to become tophi which will emerge from tlre skin with the milky fluid which contains the irystals that flow out from the leakage with the body desperate to throw away the unwanted urate crystals.

The bigger and visible kidney stones which is the combination of urate crystal and calcium oxalate, and the grown up hard tophi can only be removed by normal surgical operation. There is difficulty in removing the millions of fine tiny urate crystals scattered all over the body, no surgical operation is available to remove these micro crystals and none of the gout drugs can perform that too; how it appears is how it disappears.

Since the urate crystals appears from the fluid that contain them, the only effective way one can iget rid of them ls by “melting” them. Turn the body fluids to alkaline, to increase the solubility and the ability to dissolve those urate crystals. This simple science always more effective than complicated drugs. The cure for Gout can never be found by conventional medical approach because it’s not dealing with the root cause of Gout which is high uric acid.


Uric acid and goutPurines are important to life as they help convert genes to proteins and food to energy by protecting the cells from cancer-causing agents. When this is completed, they breakdown and uric acid is produced. Uric acid is the natural byproduct of the breakdown of purines in the body. Approximately 70% of gout patients have an overproduction of uric acid while the other percent have bad removal of uric acid, therefore it makes sense to eat less foods which manufactures uric acid, and tend to improve uric acid elimination by way of the kidneys. Uric acid is the finished product of the metabolism of purine found in many foods and also a by-product of the breakdown of certain foods in the body. Purines are produced and found naturally in the body with the body disposing excess uric acid through the urine. Accumulation of uric acid causes kidney stones and there is need to improve the kidney function as much as possible to help overcome gout. Usually, uric acid is processed by the kidneys and flushed out of the body. But, when unable to do this efficiently, it ends up with excess acid in the bloodstream which then form crystals in the joints, causing the painful symptoms of gout.

The following are most common ways to lower uric acid in the bloodstream:

  • Eliminate or mitigate foods high in purines, such as; red meat, gravy, liver, kidneys, heart, fish (e.g. sardines, mackerel), poultry (especially turkey), shellfish, peas, yeast, yeast extracts, lentils, etc, and stop or reduce alcohol intake, especially beer.
  • Eating of strawberries and cherries can neutralize uric acid and help with the pain as well. It is recommended to eat these everyday, about a cupful.
  • A charcoal poultice can help to reduce pain and to pull out the toxins.. This can be produced by mixing half cup of activated charcoal and 3 tbsps of ground flaxseed in warm water.
  • Drinking plenty water to stay hydrated between 2 and 3 liters daily to help the kidneys wash excess acid out of the system.


One way to help prevent gout is to lower uric acid levels in your body. Gout is caused by needlelike crystals that gather in the joints and surrounding tissue which are formed when the body has higher-than-normal levels of uric acid in the blood called ‘hyperuricemia.’ To prevent gout attack, one needs to lower uric acid in the blood.


Conventional Treatment of gout: Allopurinol is the pharmaceutical drug which is used in prevention of gout decreasing the bod|’s production of uric acid. Those experiencing gout attack are advised to avoid drugs having aspirin as those medications can enhance the growth of gout and make it go worse. Pain relievers like paracetamol or other more powerful analgesics, are used to manage the pain. Anti-inflammatories, like the NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) used to mitigate joint swelling and mitigating the pain. For Ulcer patients, if NSAIDs cannot be given, the doctor may use colchicine to settle an attack. The homeopathic colchicines (30c) can be very useful for the gout patient. Pharmaceutical diuretics may lead to growth of gout in patients who are genetically predisposed to gout, increasing the accumulation of uric acid within the bodV. Resting the joint then apply ice packs to help. Ice is a great acute gout treatment which is highly recommended.

There are other drug treatments that can lower the uric acid levels such as Febuxostat and Probenecid. They do have side effects for most people, and are long-term drugs that many people need to take everyday for many years if not even the rest of their lives. Which is because these drugs only work whilst being taken.


There are many natural means for reducing the pain and inflammation of gout, and also for lowering acid levels. One of such is vitamin C which is found in fruits and vegetables and can also be used in vitamin C supplements to help reduce uric acid in the blood.

A study indicated taking 1.0 grams – L.5 grams through food reduced the risk of gout by 34o/o – 45%. The same study showed similar results using supplements only. Another study showed 4.0 grams of vitamin C increased uric acid excretion in a matter of hours, whilst 8.0 grams of vitamin C taken daily over several days lowered actual levels.


Uric acid and goutGout is a condition causing a painful accumulation of crystals of uric acid around the joint which can be aided with a change in diet and lifestyle. Also, a type of arthritis normally found with (high living). A gout attack of pain usually strikes when not expected, but generally reduces in few days with treatment, however, some people can experience pain for several weeks with gout attacks often re-occurring. Such should contact the doctor if really severe pain in a joint recurs or lasts more than a few days, usually when the pain is accompanied by fever.


Recurrent, acute attacks of redness, tenderness, pain, inflammation around the smaller joints, especially the joint of the big toe, because it is at this joint there is the lowest point in the body, area deposits of uric acid and other wastes tend to form due to gravity. The right big toe joint for the right-handed, and vice versa which is because one step off and lead with the right foot as one walks, having slightly better circulation of nutrients (and therefore also a little more deposition of wastes) than the left foot (for the right.handed people). The affected joint can be red, hot. swollen and even aching with the pain so unbearable.

From statistics, Gout afflicts approximately up to 0.5% of the population of the western world, with more than 95% of the patients are men from the age of 30 or over. Gout is twenty times more likely in males. Gout is also associated with being overweight accompanied with high blood pressure. Gout can also occur in women, commonly after menopause. The type of individual most affected by gout is an overweight man who drinks large amounts of alcohol, regular meat-eater, loves rich foods and have high cholesterol with high blood pressure.


Prevention is better than cure. This can be done by reduction or elimination of alcohol consumption. Alcohol causes uric acid levels to rise having a diuretic effect that can add to dehydration which brings on gout attacks. To promote the excretion of uric acid, it is recommended to drink plenty of water. Weight reduction is very necessary which can be achieved by reducing dietary fat and calorie intake, also combined with a regular walking programme. Dietary changes to reduce uric acid levels in the blood by avoiding purine-rich foods. Limiting the feeding on dried beans, peas and yeast products such as beer and bread. Using an ice pack on the affected area.