Exercise and Energy SupplementsEnergy is a cellular function dependent on the minerals and vitamins we consume on a daily basis. Persistent fluctuation in energy levels could be a sign of a cellular imbalance. In this case, the body cells may struggle to produce energy leaving one drained when the cells become weak.

The ways to boost energy level

These include but not limited to using natural energy supplements and eating natural and balanced diets. On the other hand, one can keep the mind sharp by doing some exercises. Massaging and drinking of waterto hydrate and flush the system can help stimulate energy. Though, significant energy levels is dependent on sleep, exercises and dieting (eating natural /organic food), energy supplements play key role in hormonal balance and energy creation.

Best Supplements

These are natural energy boosters that can also clean the body’s toxin overload.


Hormonal effects helps to regulate metabolic processes and trigger the release of biochemical substances involved in energy creation. With iodine, the thyroid forms triiodothyronine (Ta) and thyroxine (T+). These hormones regulate other hormones. Dietary sources of iodine are sea vegetables, sea food and dark leafy greens. lodine supplements such as DetoxadineR can also be used.


Insufficient levels of melatonin can lead to fatigue and accelerated brain aging. Melatonin has been proven to boost energy, regulate body weight and blood sugar levels.

Vitamin B12

This is required by body cells for energy metabolism. Vitamin B12 can only be supplemented exogenously as the human bodies do not produce it. It can be gotten from clams, mussels and red meat. Vitamin B12 supplement like Vegansafe™ B12 can also be used.

Ginkgo Biloba

Research has shown that this natural herb improves mitochondrial respiration and the production of ATP (cellular energy) in the brain cells.

CoQIO in cell fuzion™

This plays key roles in the creation of cellular energy. Deficiency of CoQIO will lead to fatigue.

Androtex® and Female Fuzionr™

These supplements are for men and women respectively. They regulate body hormone levels thereby stopping fatigue and exhaustion.

Supplement for Magnesium

How to boost energyMagnesium intake is vital in maintaining a healthy heart, active brain, enhanced muscle and nerve function. A regulated level of magnesium in the body is correlated with increased energy to undertake physical tasks. According to research, magnesium is required for about 300 biochemical reactions in the human body one of which is the breakdown of glucose into energy.

The recommended intake of magnesium per day is 350 milligrams and 300 milligrams in men and women respectively. One can get enough magnesium into the system by adding a handful of almonds, hazelnuts or cashew to our meals, increasing the intake of whole grains (bran cereal) and by eating fish (halibut).

Acetyl L-carnitine

This plays an integral role in mitochondrial energy creation.


This acts as an adaptogen in that it supports the body’s response to stress, anxiety and physical exertion. It has been proven to boost energy.


An all-encompassing vegetarian formula containing large quantities of minerals, super foods and phytochemicals.

How to Get More Energy

Healthy breakfast and getting more energyOther natural ways to boost energy are as follows:

  • Start the day with fiber rich foods and whole grains;
  • Eat breakfast and other meals at the right time;
  • Take enough break from work;
  • Snack properly

Power snacking has gone beyond just eating between meals. It should a treat that combines rational quantities of proteins, little fat and some fibers (peanuts butter on a whole wheat cracker). Also, yogurts and a handful of nuts will help.

  • Do some exercises (take some walk);
  • Take less alcohol and more Water;
  • Meditate (focus on your breathing at 5 minutes interval every morning);
  • Monitor thyroid function as well blood cell counts

Feeling fatigue and sluggish doing daily tasks could be cause by many factor. Subject can consult a doctor for a blood test for thyroid dysfunction and/or anemia.

  • Manage Stress and anger.

Energy is needed to carry out our daily activities and other physical tasks. A balance in the necessary body hormone and minerals, when we eat as supposed will go long way to sustaining the vital force with which we function (energy). Even after taking the supposed supplements and/or natural energy boosters, a balance between rest, exercise and dieting should be maintained.