The rise in population growth recently has pushed many countries to encourage birth control to curb the increase in the population. For couples and other men and women who are sexually active, finding the best types of birth control can be very difficult. The use of birth control pills and shots, vaginal ring, skin patches are the common hormonal method of controlling birth. They are readily available in the market and target the hormones and their effect is seen on the woman’s fertility. These methods of controlling birth in a hormonal way, prevents the production of egg and thus relieves pains, heavy flow, and monthly menstrual cramps.

Birth control pillsBirth control pill is generally referred to the drugs used by females to avoid pregnancy. Some scientists in 1955 introduced the concept of birth control pills when they tested progestin for birth control. Before the experiment, people used to try things like condoms, diaphragms, sponges and even avoiding sexual intercourse during the ovulation period. Birth Control Pills are used by couples who wishes to just dive into the fun of lovemaking without the used condom worrying less about unwanted pregnancy. Although, it cannot guarantee 100% safety, but Birth Control Pills are still an effective means to control birth. The action of birth control pills performs by hindering the monthly release of the egg from the ovary, thereby making it difficult for the male sperm to enter the womb and fertilize the egg.

For birth control pills to be effective, they must be taken every day after sexual intercourse, at about the same time. The pill can also be taken by women on the first day of her period and continued as indicated on the pack. In the following month and thereafter, the pill should be started from the fifth day of the period. Certain side effects of birth control pill include nausea or mild headaches, but it certainly doesn’t cause any gain in body weight. The disadvantages of using pills come with its low efficiency as compared with using condoms and other birth control measures. It was later discovered that adding estrogens to the pills makes it more efficient.

In this article, I would put you through what you need to know about birth control pills, types of birth control pills, the best control pills to take and their side effects.

Types of Birth Control Pills

Extensive research has been carried in understanding how pills work, it types and side effect because of the increased demand for the birth control pills and the effective result it produces. Generally, there are four types of birth control pills and besides these are certain injections used for long-term birth control. The four types are:

Post-coital or emergency pills

As it sounds, Emergency pills are used to prevent pregnancy in severe cases where it is likely that a woman becomes pregnant having had unprotected sex (without the use of any birth control pills, condom or contraceptive). The emergency contraceptive pill should be taken within 72 hours (3days) of unprotected sex. Not that you should have unsafe sex every night, and hastily pop in a pill the next morning. It should only be taken as an EMERGENCY MEASURE.

Some of the common side effect associated with these pills are; vomit, severe lower abdominal pain, and hormonal imbalance, therefore it is highly important to understand the correct intake of these pills. After taking a pill you need to wait and look forward to your next period within a week of the expected time. Also, note that if you find out that you are already pregnant, then the Emergency Contraceptive Pills are of no use to you.

Combined pills

The ins and outs of birth control pillsThis is the mixture of both estrogen and progestin. The combined pills are the most frequently used type of pills. It consists of a set of 28 pills to be taken daily.

Phased regimen pills

This type of pills is rarely used and only women above the age of 35 years should use it.


Women who cannot take estrogen-containing pills for whatever reasons can take this type of pills. It contains only progestin.

The difference in the types of pills

The progestin-only pill is better than regular birth control pill. The progestin-only contraceptive pill does not alter the quantity and quality of the breast milk. Therefore, the mini pill is better than usual combined contraceptive pills if you are breastfeeding. This mini pill is moderately safer for women above 35years. Also, the mini pill is safer for the women who are addicted to smoking, and those suffering from high blood pressure or a blood clotting problem. The other combined contraceptive pills are not suitable for some women as they have side-effects like stomach-related problems and headaches. With the use of the mini pill, this problem might not occur.

The chance of getting pregnant is high with Progestin-onlv pills

The use of birth control pills sometimes does not guarantee safety, even when used properly. Out of every L00 hundred women, there is a likelihood of 2-3 women getting pregnant. Thus, the chances are as same as with the usage of usual contraceptive pills. But both types of pills are quite better at avoiding pregnancy.

Disadvantages of using Progestin-only contraceptive pill

There is no birth control measure that is 100% perfect. Every birth control pills have both its advantages and disadvantages. There are cases of bleeding during the periods you begin the use of the mini-pills and this may continue for a few months. The condition can be wearisome, but there is no health risk involved. The bleeding will stop most likely if you continue taking the pills after a couple of months. But if the flow seems heavy or makes you worry then you should consult a doctor. The other phase of the “mini pill” makes you feel hungry more often, this can have an effect on your eating habits and it consequently may cause weight gain. This side effect only prolongs for the period you are taking the pills. The progestin-only (mini-pill) birth control pill does protect you from the sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). So the progestin-only pills are safer than other contraceptive pills.

There are other benefits and uses of birth control pills today. One such benefit is generally balancing of high hormonal activity in the body. This process enhances the skin and is therefore used to control acne. It has also been reported that the pill helps reduce abdominal pain (cramping) and menstrual symptoms in general. This balancing of hormones is also thought to reduce your chances of getting endometrial cancer, ovarian cancer, and ovarian cysts. This process also protects against various infections that might develop in your fallopian tubes such as pelvic inflammatory disease.

Side Effect of Birth Control Pills

Birth control pillsSide effects of medication are recognized fact of life nowadays, which is also true for birth control pills as well. Hormones are contained in these pills that are going into the body and encouraging alterations, so naturally, as the body adjusts to this entry, it may feel odd in some ways. Some of them dissolve, as this adjustment is created, while others might simply have to be lived with if they are balmy enough. Certainly, with birth control pills of all kinds, these side effects need to be supervised.

Birth control pill is not the same for every kind. The most common type contains a combination of estrogen and progestin while some contain progestin only. In the combination pill, ovulation is prevented by the estrogen, and the mucus at the cervix is altered by the progestin, to make it more difficult for the sperm to get near an egg. Some of the indicating negative reactions of the pill include nausea, breast tenderness, headaches, mood changes, or possibly acne and weight increase. The more extreme potential side effects are things like heart attacks, strokes, or blood clots, which are very infrequent. Progestin-only birth control pills have a smaller number of negative reactions than combination pills but also have a slightly complex failure rate. Also, the ninety-day cycle produced by Seasonale pills every now and then decreases bleeding as the usual side effects. Another kind of pill taken to prevent pregnancy, called the “emergency pill” because it must be used within seventy-two hours of unprotected sex, comes either one as a combination or progestin-only pill. Its side effects are however similar, and could be worse because of the more increase dosages involved. Since only a couple of doses are taken, most of those worries can be rejected.

In addition, some adverse reactions of taking birth control pills occur to some women, when they stop the pill. Discovery made by the Kinsey Institute in a 2OO2 study that certain women’s sexual health and their general moods were badly affected after they went off the pill, as their sexual drive appeared to have diminished. You need to be sensitized about all of these side effects before starting the pill, so you can make an informed selection about if you want to go for this birth control method.