Sleep problemsLack of sleep is a big concern to everyone. Many believe that they will be able to complete much work from having lesser number of hours rest every day. Lack of sleep is highly dangerous especially to those who do have stressful lifestyle and having to think they can go all day without it affecting their usual daily activities. Insomnia is a lack of sleep which results from a certain degree of health related issues in the future. Lack of sleep brings down the entire immunity of the body in a gigantic way. The role of the immune system can’t be underestimated as it does help with maintain a well living lifestyle. Admit other functions are getting rid of hazardous bacteria and viruses to keep the body fit always. When there is lack of sleep in the body, the immune system wanes and the ability to defend fall resulting to ennui and some other health related diseases which are life threatening.

This will eventually lead to a variety of infections or health issues in a person, which can finally turn out to be a life threatening diseases. However, there is absolutely no need to panic.

It is highly advisable to see a physician, however there are natural remedies to combating lack of sleep such as having a warm bath before going to bed, using some herbal substances which helps in the relaxation of the body, drinking of herbal tea, having massages and the healthiest way is to have a complete rest.

Several sleep problems have been identified and these are:

(1) Difficulty Initiating Sleep (DIS): This occurs when someone experience difficulty in falling asleep at first usually taking more than 15 minutes. This do affect one in ten people on the average.

(2) Difficulty Maintaining Sleep (DMS): This occurs when one wake frequently after being able to fall asleep initially. This do occur one in five people.