Flu is short-term for Influenza. It is classified into two forms of the virus, influenza A, and B viruses, and highly infectious disease. Influenza A and B virus attack from our respiratory tract.

The flu shot utilizes a dead form of the influenza strains and is injected into the body. It is a vaccination, suitable for the majority of people, and the most common type of. It is necessary to note that there are a limited amount of vaccinations available as new flu type vaccinations are introduced into the market yearly. This is because flu virus strains alter every year. It is highly advised that getting a flu shot should be done annually.

Flu shotFlu shots are easy to obtain and quick to administer. Flu shot clinics are located near any city or town throughout the US, making vaccinations convenient and quick to access. The best time to receive vaccinations is during October through November, as influenza usually starts towards November until April.

The myth that on receiving the flu shot will give you the flu itself is false because the flu vaccine is generated from dead or inactive viruses that are not contagious. The flu shot can be administered to the majority of the populace. It is advisable for those that are allergic to eggs to consult their doctor. The flu shot may contain a virus grown in hens’ eggs. Most people have experienced the flu virus.The flu will keep several people nonfunctional and sick for days at a time – not the best choice of activity. The flu is one of the most dreaded illnesses, yet it is one of the most common.Getting the flu shot is your best protection against the flu.

Differentiating between Cold and Flu

Sometimes, the flu and the common cold have similar symptoms. Both are respiratory tract viral infections. Flu shows worse symptoms as time passes by. Cold weakens slightly but the flu can shatter health. Symptoms include fever, headaches, chills, sore throat, cough, runny nose, extreme tiredness, body and muscle aches, vomiting and diarrhea. In addition to these, flu patients suffer from high fever, headache, fatigue, and weakness. Good antiviral capsules can help in decreasing cold and flu infections. The common cold is not life threatening like Flu.

How is flu spread?

You can prevent the flu from being contagious once you know how it is transmitted. Flu is highly infectious, so naturally it transmits from one person to the other through the air and in crowded places such as malls, movie theaters, military barracks, marketplaces, college dormitories, offices, and nursing homes and in those places where ventilation is not high to the mark or when you come in direct contact with an infected person.You must keep your hands neat by washing them regularly or by using alcohol-based-hand sanitizer to prevent the flu from spreading.

Anyone can be affected by influenza. It can be life-threatening to some people. Anybody person can get the flu from an infant to an elderly. But people with weak immune systems and people who are already suffering from chronic diseases have the maximum risk of flu infections.

Different types of flu viruses

You can avoid flu if you are aware of the causative agent of flu. The types of viruses that cause the flu are categorized into three major classes: Influenza A, Influenza B, and Influenza C.

Influenza A:

Flu shotThis is the most common type. Its virus affects human beings, mammals, and birds. Bird flu is a recent entry in this flu virus. Other than bird flu there are Hong Kong Flu, Spanish Flu, Asian flu, and Russian Flu that has already killed several people worldwide. It is responsible for higher death rates yearly. Flu vaccines are best to protect you from both type A and B flu viruses. You can find typeA flu viruses in various animals like ducks, chickens, horses, pigs, whales, and seals.

Influenza B:

Influenza B affects seals and humans. It is less common and causes milder flu infections.

Influenza C:

This affects humans as well as swine. There is no flu shot for Influenza C. This flu virus is more constant and it causes milder respiratory tract symptoms.

Why flu spread mostly during the winter?

During the winter season, various conditions play a vital role in the spreading of the flu. First, the flu virus can live indoors for a longer period of time. Another factor is, in winter the virus can live for a longer period of time, which infects anyone who inhales the virus. They also infect a person through the various openings such as the eyes, nose, and mouth. People who are most times indoors in winter help the virus to spread easily from one person to other.

Basic habits to prevent flu

  • Cover your mouth as well as your nose while sneezing.
  • Blow your nose with a clean tissue and disposed. Immediately clean hands with soap.
  • Constantly wash your hands with soap and warm water. After washing, dry your hands with a clean towel.
  • Don’t touch your eyes, nose, and mouth with your hands after touching something.
  • Use an alcohol-based sanitizer if you are away from home. Alcohol kills bacteria. That is why doctors also prescribe them as a prevention method.
  • Take a sauna bath. It helps in relaxing and at the same time the virus cannot survive in a hot atmosphere. In sauna air, one breathes in very hot and moist air which makes it impossible for the flu viruses to live. Steamy bathroom helps in relaxing the nasal passage and also helps to moisten and thin mucus.
  • Drink plenty water. It helps to keep mucous membrane well hydrated. Hot liquids help you in relaxing your upper respiratory infections.


Typical flu shot side effects include fever, body aches and soreness, redness or swelling at the point where the shot was given. The flu poses a greater risk to people who have a weakened immune system because they are more likely to be infected with the virus and are likely to develop complications from the virus. Homeopathic cure for flu might not be the best for someone with a weakened immune system. Once a person is infected; the flu, natural and homeopathic remedies for flu are just effective as any other treatment to be administered. Anti-viral medications are within reach and may be given for some high-risk individuals, but they must be taken with the first two days after symptoms show. Because of interest over flu shot side effects, many people do not take the shot, but should make efforts to shield, boost and keep a healthy immune system, particularly during cold and flu season. The nasal spray vaccine is distinct because it contains living weakened flu viruses and may cause running nose, headache, and sore throat with a cough. These side effects are no more desirable than flu shot side effects, but some prefer the nasal spray vaccine because it’s preservative free. A mercury-based preservative, Thimerosal, was commonly practiced in flu shots and was believed to add to the list of possible flu shot side effects.

Flu shotHomeopathic remedies for flu would differ from herbal remedies and preventatives because homeopathic healers observe sickness separately. After looking at every of an individual’s symptoms, homeopathic antidotes for flu or other conditions are picked, which would cause the same symptoms if taken at greater dosages. It is implied to as treating same with same. Those who prefer to use homeopathic remedies for flu or some other conditions are strongly advised to follow directions carefully and discontinue use if symptoms persist or probably worsen or if new symptoms show.


Irrespective of how pregnant women strategize to be fit and healthy in the course of their pregnancy, there are still times when ailment, such as the flu inevitably comes. Conditions such as influenza can really be dangerous to pregnant women as it ascends their threats for more serious health situations.Compared to pre-pregnancy, the immune structure during pregnancy dwindle. The immune structure understands that it is safe to have a baby, so it lessens its capacity to protect the body system. As a result, pregnant women are very prone to catch sicknesses with infections including flu. During pregnancy, these symptoms such as shortness of breath, difficulty in breathing, confusion, persistent severe vomiting, sudden dizziness, and high fever. The baby moves at a smaller amount or doesn’t move at all. Symptoms that fade away eventually come back with a worst cough and fever, pressure and pain in the stomach.

Pregnant women can take a flu shot. It helps in protecting the body against the dangerous effects of the flu as well as in guarding against its spread. According to research, babies who are born to mothers who used a flu shot are less likely to suffer from the flu. However, not all pregnant women are allowed to get an influenza shot. Always enquire from your doctor about it. Women who are allergic to eggs are not supposed to get one because they are made from eggs. Pregnant women who have been diagnosed with the flu are at an enormous risk for more serious health difficulties. They are at higher risk for pneumonia, which can really be deadly if left untreated, Also, flu during pregnancy raises the pregnant women’s contact to premature birth. This premature delivery usually takes place before the 37th week of pregnancy. As commonly known, premature birth increases the health threats of infants.

Furthermore, the flu during pregnancy greatly affects the immune structure of pregnant women. The immune system plays a vital role in protecting the body against diseases and illnesses. When flu is identified, the immune system needs to work harder to combat it.

Treating Influenza

If one has been diagnosed with influenza, always consult with and follow doctor’s prescription to keep your baby’s health and safety guarded. The doctor can recommend medicines which are considered harmless for your pregnancy. Always try to get a good rest. Also, even if you don’t have a good appetite, try to take in smaller food to speed up your recovery. And lastly, drink plenty of water. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day. It can really help in making you feel better. Always take your prenatal vitamins. Vitamin C is beneficial in fighting off infections and boosting the immune system while zinc aids in fighting off germs. As much as possible, increase your intake of foods rich in Vitamin C to accelerate your recovery from flu.According to study, fruits and vegetables like red cabbage, mango, broccoli, bell pepper, kiwi, papaya,citrus, melon, strawberries, tomatoes, and spinach are admirable origin of Vitamin C. On the other hand, zinc is best gotten from pork, cooked oysters, eggs, turkey, yogurt, oatmeal, wheat germ, and beef. Eating garlic also help as it has virus-fighting compounds. Do not use medicines unless your doctor recommends them. Some medicines are harmful to take during pregnancy and it may cause contrary effects to the health of the baby.

How to prevent the spread of flu

Flu is highly contagious so it’s better to limit your contact with others for a while. Some preventive measures are avoiding to kiss, avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose, avoid sharing your utensils, sneeze and cough into a tissue, throw the already used tissues into a trash can, wash your hands, or use alcohol or sanitizer before touching others, use hot and soapy water while washing your utensils.

For the nursing mothers, after giving birth, try to breastfeed your baby. It is a brilliant way to give the child additional protection. Through breastfeeding, you are able to pass the antibodies to your little one. According to study, babies who are breastfed are less probably to suffer from diseases and infections than babies who aren’t breastfed.You can still guard yourself by using herbal, vitamin”and mineral outcomes that have been tested in scientific analysis to effectively increase the immune system, relieve flu symptoms, reduce recovery time and reduce the probability of expanding life-threatening complications, such as pneumonia.