Initially, Rogaine was introduced as a drug used for high blood pressure, side-effects of hair growth were later discovered. The drug (having the brand name as minoxidil) was discovered as a topical solution for inherent hair loss. Given that the drug was not effective towards regulating blood pressure, the Food and Drug Administration of USA (FDA) approved it as a treatment for hair loss. Rogaine is now an over-the-counter topical solution available in a normal and high concentration of 2% and 5% minoxidil respectively and is available in Rogaine for Men, and Rogaine for Women. The success of the hair loss treatment usage may depend on how the complexity of your hair loss, that is, the more severe your hair loss problem, the less the results may prove satisfying. One of the benefits of the treatment is to keep your real hair or slow thinning. It is particularly effective in growing or maintaining hair in the crown area (the top back of the head) but not effective in the frontal hairline areas. So, when you detect a hair loss problem, you should take action as soon as possible.

Does Rogaine Work?

Rogaine for Hair LossRogaine works perfectly as a hair loss treatment. The FDA never approves any medication except if there is quality scientific and experimental proof indicating the safety and benefits of such medication. The approval by FDA shows that Rogaine works, however, it doesn’t mean that the said treatment re-grows hair in all people, restores all you hair, works for all types of baldness or works forever. BUT, in general, Rogaine re-grows hair in most men and women. In some, it produces effective results, restoring almost all loss hair, while in some cases; it results in thin coverage of hair.

If Rogaine works, how does it work?

Rogaine regenerates shrunken hair follicles, and as a result increasing their size. When it is used often, your hair follicles may increase in length and in number, and the growing phase may become longer producing longer and thicker hairs. The correct system of action of Rogaine as hair loss treatment is not known but however, scientist confirmed that Rogaine boosts the flow of blood to the hairless areas of the scalp. Scientists who have experimented the working action of the hair loss treatment are certain that Rogaine (minoxidil) works by opening the hair follicle’s potassium channels situated in the cells, thereby allowing hair growth.

Rogaine Foam

Rogaine Foam is one of the Rogaine products that guarantees to deliver great results; not immediately, but consistently. To achieve hair growth is a consistent process which cannot be done in few days. Minoxidil is a toxic product, it is, therefore, best to re-evaluate the product it contains. There are many health precautions associated with Rogaine foam which must be strictly adhered to before it can be applied for treatment. Some precautions are highlighted below;

  • Ensure you are free from heart ailment or any allergy.
  • Rogaine foam must NOT be administered on the infected or irritated scalp because the solution increases the condition of the scalp, and in most cases, worsen it.
  • Rogaine foam may cause some side effect such as dizziness, drastic weight loss, scalp irritation, chest pain, and inflammation of the stomach, hands, and feet. If any of these symptoms is noticed, don’t hesitate to consult a doctor immediately or stop its usage
  • The medication must NOT be applied on any part of the body except the scalp.

Care should be taken during application because Rogaine foam is highly toxic. Locate the affected area on your scalp, and then part your hair to directly apply minoxidil on the scalp. Use the dropper added to the package to make it easier to apply. The medication works for both men and women.

Rogaine for Men

Hair loss and Rogaine for MenThere is an ongoing problem with men finding a possible way to provide sustained hair growth. The likelihoods of losing your hair increase with age. Hair loss is a distress for adult males, mostly between the age of 30 and 50 years of age. Although the exact cause of hair loss is not known but in general, it assumed to be hereditary. A study reveals that hair loss affect 50%of males at the age of 50 and there is a higher risk if there is a close male relative with male pattern baldness. Oversensitivity to the male sex hormone – androgen is assumed to contribute to the degradation of hair follicles on the head. The vast majority of men losing their hair suffer from male pattern baldness which is regarded as a sign of declining health even though it has no implications on health but, it is seen as one of the first signs of old age and it reduces men’s perceived attraction and can affect close relationships, not to mention constant name calling from friends and family. For these reasons among others, most men are looking for the best treatment and prevention for their hair loss. Also, most men with their partners may see this as giving them unattractive look and so, may put effort to get to the root of the problem by looking for the best treatment and prevention measure.

With the introduction of minoxidil (Rogaine) hair growth for men come into the modern age. Simply put Minoxidil Improves Hair Growth for Men. For men, the Rogaine solution is 5% in concentration. 1 ml of the medication should be applied directly on the balding spot using a dropper, and massage deeply into the scalp. It is also available in the form of foam which can be applied to the fingers and then massaged into the affected spot. For effective use, it should be applied on the balding area in the morning and at night. The medication may differ from person to person. A study programme conducted on male and female patient reveals that 85%of the males who used Rogaine within a period of 16weeks had experienced some hair growth while 60% of the female who used the medication within a period of 48-50weeks experienced hair growth. Only 60/o of the patients had slight side effects which show that effective results produced differ from individual to individual and the longer period of usage.

Rogaine for Women

Rogaine for Women is less diluted at 2%. 1 ml of the medication is applied with a dropper once in the morning and at night. A disorder faced by most women is “Loose anagen alopecia”. This is seen when women comb their hair and an excess amount of hair get accumulated on the comb. In this case, Rogaine, a topical solution may prevent or reduce the disorder except there is an underlying disease. Minoxidil also helps to harden the hair for those suffering from “Androgenetic alopecia”. This form of hair shedding is genetic or often arises from hormonal imbalances in the body.

Also, an autoimmune alopecia disorder causes a woman’s hair to fall off either gradually. With this type of disorder, the solutions may not work without treatment. Rogaine for women is sometimes prescribed in combination with other female hair loss solutions depending on the amount of loss. For women suffering from head defect or burns, the hair follicles may be severely damaged that they cannot be stimulated for healthy hair regrowth by a topical solution like Rogaine. In such a case, surgical management and possibly transplants may be done.

Hair loss and Rogaine for WomenRogaine for women has been confirmed to function in many cases based on testimonials from users and clinically tested proof when it comes to searching for the best female hair loss solutions. You may not notice any results immediately; you may have to prolong usage for months before achieving effective results. You can also get a specialist to help modify your treatment plan to suit your body and scalp conditions.

Rogaine has a range of hair care products that focus on hair thinning and making hair very fine for women. This user-friendly hair re-growth product is highly effective and dermatologist-recommended brand for hair regrowth.

Rogaine for Women also contains the common minoxidil, which is the major ingredient in for re-growing hair stimulating hair follicles and is so effective it can actually delay any possible hereditary hair loss.

Rogaine foam for Women must be applied properly for it to perform at its best. Here are some tips on correct application:

  1. Your hair must be damp or towel-dry.
  2. Part the hair from the affected to expose the scalp.
  3. Fill the dropper attached to the Rogaine package with lml of the product. By means of the dropper, directly apply Rogaine foam for women on the scalp and not the hair.
  4. Massage the foam gently all over the area where you applied it. This is to ensure that the solution completely get absorbs into the scalp and the hair follicles.

Rogaine foam for women is very easy and direct to apply. Ensure you carefully follow the basic steps to achieve the effective results. Continue with this every day, until the end of the treatment period. Be patient to wait for results because hair grows slowly.