Constipation is a health condition wherein a person is unable to pass bowel for at least one week or passes scanty amount of bowel in less than three times. Many people affected with this condition experience some frustrating and even embarrassing moments that affect their day-to-day living. Yet, many don’t know whether they are already experiencing this digestive condition, not until worst conditions or signs are experienced. Thus, cure of this condition would already involve medical help, which could have been relieved by just changing diet.

Constipation In infants, constipation can be a very distressful experience and this entails careful assessment from parents. The natural cause of this condition is primarily poor diet which is aggravated by poor or very little exercise and by fecal immobility in the colon. Common symptoms felt by people suffering from constipation include, discomfort and pain in passing hardened stool, firm and distended abdomen, and the urge to defecate becomes less. Oftentimes, a change in diet eases the condition. However, there are conditions where persons experiencing constipation need medical help to relieve constipation. A laxative is a common medication given to a person having constipation, it is either given orally or through suppository.

Causes of Constipation

  • Poor nutrition and sedentary lifestyle with lack of exercise are two causes of constipation as mentioned earlier. Those who are fond of eating food with low fiber content are at higher risk of being constipated. Fiber-rich food can be found in whole grains, vegetables and fruits like papaya, mango and oranges. These variety of foods are recommended to persons who love to eat high fat containing foods. Although babies are not constipated, the transition from breastfeeding to bottle or formula feeding may trigger the baby to develop constipation. Since adding fiber-rich food in infants’ diet is not a good measure to relieve constipation, parents are expected to monitor their babies’ elimination process. The measures of relieving constipation vary among age brackets, hence, there is a need for an individualized care.
  • Another cause is lack of water intake: Water intake, does not only mean drinking eight glasses of water each day it also means adding juices to our daily drink. However, we must be cautious to what kind of liquids we are taking because there are also those that may cause constipation such as milk-drinks and sodas. In infants, the most common cause is formula-fed diet with low or deficient fluid intake. Adding more fluid to the babies’ diet may help solve constipation. Also, infants or even adults who overuse several medications including laxatives or purgatives may soon develop constipation and later on becomes dependent to this medications. Parents are instructed to seek medical help when their child is experiencing difficulty passing stool for one week as this may entail more complicated conditions and that proper measures be applied.
  • There are some medical conditions that may lead to constipation such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, in which episodes of loose and normal stools happen, or recurrent abdominal pain may bring about constipation. This disorder is commonly found on infants aged 6 months to 3 years. Other colon problems may also lead to constipation such as hirchsprung’s disease or a ganglionic mega colon. Adults who experience immobility or are ailed with back injuries and strokes may experience constipation. Also diseases like Lupus and Diabetes may lead to this bowel disorder.
  • Constipation causes: caffeine and alcoholExcess consumption of liquor or caffeine products: If one is presently having serious constipation concerns, one should keep away from alcohol and caffeine products. Usage of liquor and coffee items increases dehydration and intensifies the complication of constipation a lot.
  • Overlooking the desire to go to the toilet: Bad habits like neglecting the craving to go to the toilet is equally responsible for this condition as some often choose not to use the lavatories outside home for this reason. Conceding to this, one is helping the stool to turn out extremely dry and stiff.
  • Constipation and pregnancy: Hormonal variances in the course of pregnancy can easily cause constipation in females. The uterus can easily even compress the intestine leading to constipation. Rectal stenosis and anal fissure during pregnancy may likewise cause constipation due to the fact that one dreads to move bowel because of the pain that might be experienced.
  • Colorectal problem: A few people have an excessively constricted colon or may have a tumor which may impact the bowel motion adversely.
  • Other causes consist of usage of laxative, lack of physical exercise, consuming too a great deal of dairy, tension and depression, vertebrae cord accidents, diabetic issues, intestinal tract irritation, sclerosis and irritable bowel syndrome.


It is important to first recognize exactly how the bowel works and just how food is digested so as to understand competently on exactly how constipation takes place. Whenever food moves via the large intestines, moisture is soaked up from the food by the digestive tract. The remaining is formed as stool or waste products. The large intestinal tract muscles constrict so that they move the excess stools in the direction of the lower colon. Normally the stool is massed by the time it gets as far as the rear end as most of the water has by then been soaked up by the bowel. Whenever the intestines soaks up extra water is when constipation takes place. This causes the muscular tissues of the large intestinal tracts to become sluggish or lagging when constricting causing slow-moving motion of the feces. This creates the feces to become dry and stiff. Right here are some of the causes of constipation.

The best relief to constipation is change in diet. Inclusion of fiber containing foods in diet helps people in relieving constipation. Adding more liquid in an infant’s diet will support parents in preventing their children to suffer from this condition. Visiting a doctor may help parents to assess whether their babies are having constipation and proper measures will be applied.

A change in lifestyle, by adding isometric exercises such as swimming and jogging may help adults to have proper digestion and bowel elimination. Constipation may make a person feel some discomfort and even embarrassment but with good diet and proper lifestyle, one can control and even prevent the digestive problem from happening or recurring.


Egyptian remedies

  • Senna as constipation remedyEgypt is recognized as one of the oldest culture in the world. Ancient Egyptian people showed their excellence in various areas including the area of medicine. In their oldest medicinal books, Aloe Forex is referred to as a good constipation remedy that functions effectively as a natural laxative on the digestive system. It is widely popular because of its natural ability to work against inflammatory digestive complications.
  • Senna is another found in Egypt since ancient period which is well-known as the world’s safest laxative. Sometimes, digestive problems can cause bad breath. Senna as a mouthwash offers effective relief from bad breath as well.
  • More than eight hundred years ago, Egyptians used honey in lukewarm water to treat the digestive problem and found it an effective constipation remedy for all.

Chinese remedies

  • Most popularly, Chinese people use Jin Yin Hua herb as constipation remedy as it helps in cleansing toxic substances and relieving body heat. It offers cold energy to the body and helps restoring health. A regular use of 6-15gm of dried Jin Yin Hua is found to be effective in managing complications particularly arising in large intestine areas.
  • Traditional Chinese medicine suggests to eat boiled sweet potatoes seasoned with sugar or salt. It is recommended that one should eat it prior going to bed at night. It is truly beneficial for chronic constipation.

French remedies

  • French people prefer to have mustard seeds in order to relieve from digestive complications. It works well as effective laxative.
  • Barley offers a good source for soluble fiber. French people eat muffins as well as biscuits made up of barley and oat bran meal.

German remedy

  • Dandelion tea is very popular among German people. It offers a good solution for treating constipation; hence it is indeed a good constipation remedy.

Remedies popular across the globe

  • Cascara sagrada is a useful remedy that offers relief from constipation. It is also not addictive and nutritionally beneficial to stomach, liver, pancreas and gall bladder. It works as a natural cleanser of colon, thus it keeps protecting body from toxic wastages and faecal substances
  • Beal fruit is an excellent choice for treating constipation. It is considered as the best laxative among all other fruits. It has the ability to cleanse the digestive system along with a great relief from constipation. It is equally beneficial for normal as well as chronic constipation problems.
  • Guava can be eaten to get a relief from constipation problem. One needs to eat guava with seeds to fight against this digestive problem. Apart from that, one may count on orange, papaya, prunes, pears and grapes to promote healthy digestive system.
  • Bran cereal can be used as an effective remedy and is perfect for toddlers and adolescents. To cure constipation problem, one may use corn syrup mixed with water. A traditional remedy to relieve the condition includes honey or extra sugar in a glass full of milk. Twice drinking in a day can definitely make you free from the digestive problem.


  • Build up the liking for fiber full meals
  • Eat a lot of wholesome fruits and vegetables
  • Never dehydrate your body
  • Workout frequently
  • Eat health foods and eat your foods the right way