All medicine is potentially harmful and there is an increased level of risks associated with taking drugs during pregnancy because of the harm it can cause to the foetus and mother. In spite of the adverse effect of taking medicine while pregnant, most American women consume different drugs during pregnancy, and 75%o of these medicines are mostly not prescribed by doctors. As a rule, any drug that a mother takes will get to the foetus. The safety of most drugs on the market has not been tested with respect to the foetus. Therefore, the effects on infants are frequently revealed barely after birth.

Risks of taking medicine during pregnancy may be as low as L in 1000 to 5000 infant with severe consequences. Many medications change the conformation the developing foetus; it is highly advice that pregnant women visit their doctors before taking any medication.

Medicine while pregnantSome medical doctor recommends a small dose of aspirin to women who have experienced hypertension during previous pregnancies or those pregnant for the first time and having a sister or mother in their lineage with an allergic condition. You must seek doctor’s guidance on whether to take it or not. lt is impossible to avoid all infections during pregnancy. lmmunisations before pregnancy can prevent some infections that seem dangerous to the developing infants. lf there is an exposure to infection, mainly infection that causes irritation should be reported to your physician or nurse.

There are various health conditions experienced by pregnant women. These health conditions vary among women. Some experience allergy, cold, flu and all sorts of health challenges during pregnancy which may prompt them to take over-the-counter medicine to salvage the problem. But it should also be noted that over the counter drugs or any other medication administered without the counsel of a medical practitioner may have a negative consequence on both the mother and her foetus.

We would look at some health conditions most women face during pregnancy and how they can best overcome it without using medicine.

Cold and its Medicine during Pregnancy

Pregnant women are more vulnerable to colds and flu. This is as a result of the weak immune system which is exposed to various infections like coughs, flu and cold. Due to immune containment, pregnant women are exposed to a higher risk of developing difficulties such as pneumonia, which can be very critical in some severe cases.

As a pregnant woman experiencing cold, cough or flu, make sure you don’t use OTC (over-the-counter medications) without checking with your doctor. Most flu and cold medicines have not been evaluated in pregnant women. These drugs may increase the risk of birth defects or slow the growth of the foetus.

Here are some things you can do to help lessen some of the discomforts accompanying colds or the flu:

1.Ensure you get enough sleep:

When struck with the flu or a cold the best thing for you to do is get plenty of sleep. Sleep is one of the life’s essentials to heal and repair tissues in the body. Sleep increase immune functions that help the body to fight infection.

2. Exercise Regularly:

Exercise boosts the circulation of blood and immune system. lt will help your body to fight illness and recover faster from illness.

3. Drink plenty of water:

Water helps to flush the harmful toxins in the body system and also keep the body hydrated. Pregnant women should be sure to drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day to keep you healthy and the baby’s environment healthy.

4. Eat fruits and vegetables:

Fruits and vegetables contain fibres, vitamins and antioxidants essential to fight infections.

5. Use a humidifier for the stuffy nose:

Medicines while PregnantUsing a humidifier or warm steam from hot showers can help in the treatment of congestion. You can also rub a mentholated product on your chest or under your nostrils. This can help clear a stuffy nose so you can breathe easier. During pregnancy, you have several reactions going in the body which sometimes irritate and get some women fed up. Early morning sicknesses, vomiting among others sometimes are inevitable.

Natural body immunity decreases during pregnancy in order to conform to the new body system of accepting your baby which makes it more likely for you to suffer from the flu or cold during pregnancy. In view of the fact, it’s best to take less medication as possible during pregnancy; natural home remedies could be safer to help ease the unpleasant symptoms of a cold or a cough.

Best natural home medicines to fight cold during pregnancy are:

  • Gargle with warm salt water can help soothe your sore throat. To a glass of warm water, simply add a pinch of salt. You can also gargle with a mix of honey and lemon juice in hot water. Put 2 teaspoons of lemon juice in a glass of hot water; add a tablespoon of honey before gargling. Gargle every 3-4 hours.
  • Inhaling steam also brings relieve to blockage and a bad cough. Essential oils, including eucalyptus, tree oil and peppermint boost the benefits of steam inhalation. Taking a hot shower is helpful in reducing cold. Try to avoid soda and other sugary beverages, since they can reduce your body’s ability to fight off infection.

Herbs are beneficial as home remedies fighting off illness and a cold during pregnancy. Echinacea is most effective in boosting immunity. lf your illness doesn’t seem to subside after a week, or other symptoms begin to develop, get in touch with your doctor immediately. There could be a secondary infection.

Allergy and Medicine While Pregnant

Dealing with allergies could be uncomfortable for anyone but in the case of a pregnant woman, it is very severe. While many medications have been used with no harm to the baby, no medication should be considered completely safe from side effects and during pregnancy, it should be completely avoided. lt is practically impossible to avoid all allergens so finding ways to cope with the effects is compulsory. Avoid taking medicines during pregnancy. In maintaining allergies, it is advisable to avoid anything that can trigger it as much as possible. Take the following steps below to help control allergic reactions:

  • Use dust mite covers on mattresses, and pillows to shield you from one of the most common household allergens.
  • Use air purifiers such as HEPA filters to help control indoor allergens.
  • The application of water filters is helpful in reducing the effects of chlorine which is a common allergen.
  • During cleaning, dust threats can be removed using HEPA or water-based filters on the out ports of vacuum and steam cleaners.
  • Eat vegetables rich in vitamins C and E to help the body fight the damage caused by freeradicals. Omega-3 helps also help to reduce irritation, and reducing the intake of dairy products can reduce mucus secretion.
  • By consuming spicy foods, blood flow is increased and mucus secretion is narrowed.
  • Adding natural honey to diet lessens the effects of airborne pollen.

Pregnant women sometimes ask if it is safe to take Claritin allergy medicine. The answer is simply “NO”. As previously stated, anything consumed by a pregnant woman passes through the placenta to the foetus. Taking medicines during pregnancy should be discouraged except in extremely severe conditions which must be monitored by a doctor.

A pregnant woman who has allergies can:

  • Stay Away From Sugary Food

Pregnant women, sweets and medicinesSugary foods in all its forms weaken the immune system. If you are prone to allergies, consuming sugary substances will inhibit your immune system from attacking and eliminating your allergies. In addition, allergy bacteria feed on sugar. Eat fresh foods as possible in addition to consuming less sugar. Processed foods contain dangerous chemicals which are bad for you and your baby.

  • Keep A Healthy Digestive System

Every pregnant mother should take probiotics 3 times a day. Probiotics are live bacteria and yeast that flood the digestive system with some healthy microorganisms needed by the body. Additionally, the digestive tract contains over 80% of the immune system. Taking probiotics daily will help your body fight off all kinds of unhealthy cold, flu and disease causing bacteria and viruses. Some foods containing probiotics are Dark Chocolate, Miso soup, yoghurt, Cultured vegetable (popularly known as Sauerkraut and Kimchi made from fermented cabbage and other vegetables), coconut kefir (made from fermenting the juice of immature coconut with kefir grains) and raw cheese.

You shouldn’t worry about taking Claritin allergy medicine. As long as you follow strictly the above-listed tips, your allergies will greatly reduce or totally go away. The best way to avoid getting sick is by maintaining a good health and hygiene. Eat a well-balanced and healthy diet to help boost your immunitY.

Cleansing your hands regularly with disinfectant is an effective way to prevent germs that could easily cause any form of irritation. If you have not started taking a prenatal vitamin, you should. Prenatal vitamins improve health and boost up the immune system, making it easier for your body to fight off infection. Check with your midwife or doctor if there are any doubts on how safe the natural home remedies you would like to take to ensure they are safe during pregnancy.