Raw apple vinegar is a superfood that contains a high number of essential nutrients that, when consumed on a regular basis, can have a positive effect on your health. Manmade processed foods are convenient and easily available but tend to be very low in essential vitamins and minerals. Your body will not function properly without vitamins and minerals, affecting your health in the long.

It has been around for centuries, used for both cooking and medicine. Manufactured from fermented whole apples, the best apple cider vinegar is raw, which has not been pasteurized, distilled or filtered as these processes can reduce the healthful properties of the vinegar. You can buy this from health food stores than grocery stores because the vinegar sold for cooking is of a lower quality than the vinegar made for consumption as a health supplement.

For eras, apple cider vinegar has been used as a medicinal remedy for an extensive number of illnesses. At one time or another, it has been used as a treatment for warts, fighting infection, as an antiseptic and even to increase fertility. There is no doubt that it can be very useful for improving general health and helping with weight loss.

Apple cider vinegar is a 100% natural product, making it safe for a vast majority of the population to use. Apart from being safe, it can help treat a huge number of medical conditions including Arthritis, Circulatory problems, High blood pressure, Depression, Indigestion, Digestive upsets, Headaches, Nasal congestion, Rashes, and Ulcers.

You should avoid attempt(s) to self-medicate with apple cider vinegar and should always discuss your medical requirements with your family physician. It’s unlikely your doctor will tell you not to take this food but it’s always better to be safe keeping the doctor informed. Providing your doctor with relevant information will give you quick recovery to enable your condition and symptoms improve rapidly soon after you start taking apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar is very rich in essential nutrients that are vital for health. As said earlier that without nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, your cells, organs and bodily systems will not function properly resulting in ill health.

Consuming raw apple cider vinegar is an easy and convenient way to get a daily dose of essential nutrients. Apple cider vinegar (the raw stuff. Avoid any kinds of vinegars that have been filtered, pasteurized or distilled) contains these and many other essential nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin BL, BZ and 86, Vitamin K, Beta-carotene (a form of vitamin A), Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Phosphorous, and Copper.

In addition to being a wonderful health food, apple cider vinegar has been discovered to be very useful for fat loss. With such a large proportion of the population overweight, many people are looking for ways to make the fat loss less of an ordeal. Exercise, strict diets, certain drugs and even surgery are all used in an effort to lose fat but recent research and plenty of anecdotal evidence suggest that good old raw apple cider vinegar can really help your fat loss efforts.

In several studles, apple ciden vinegar has been shown to:

  • Increase rnetabolism – the rate at which you burn calories
  • Decrease appetite
  • Increase energy and vitality
  • Lower blood glucose levels
  • Improve fat burning


It is believed that apple cider vinegar can cure or help with a myriad of diseases and health problems such as arthritis, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cancer, infection, indigestion, memory, and aging, but the most discussed benefit of apple cider vinegar apparently is its benefit with weight loss.

Some of the major benefits of apple cider vinegar include weight loss, acid reflux, acne, wart, heartburn, yeast infection, arthritis, skin treatment, cholesterol reduction, hair growth, reducing high blood pressure, curing sinus infection, candida, gout, detox, dandruff, germ, hair loss, constipation, and diabetes.


Apple cider vinegarBraggs apple cider vinegar diet is approximately the top of the list of the natural remedies in the history of mankind. It was used way back in 5000 BC as a tonic to also produce vinegar and wine mostly by Babylonians. It was also seen in Egypt in 3000 BC and China in 1200 BC. As at that time, it was used for food and as an agent for pickling.

Certainly, Braggs apple cider vinegar diet is tried and tested as proven in its history. It is also used for medicinal purposes. Due to science, it is sometimes used as an electrolyte drink. It is made from apple. If you do not know the benefits of apple in your body, it is a good source of minerals, vitamins and it is also an anti-oxidant. Apple is also rich in fiber like other food sources like wheat and oatmeal. Apple also contains neither salt nor fat.

These apples are now under processed to make it into cider vinegar. The key to making it is that the apples that are used are fresh apples and not pasteurized. Not only do they use fresh apples but they also add in vinegar that accumulates organic acids and enzymes due to fermentation.

Apple cider vinegar is not only good for helping a person lose weight but it is also good for boosting magnesium, pectin, fiber that is water soluble and potassium. If you have no idea how to use Braggs apple cider vinegar diet to lose weight, it is fairly simple. Just scoop two to three teaspoons of the apple cider vinegar then pour it into a glass of water (approximately 8 ounces). Drink the solution before every meal. You can also drink it while having your meal itself.

However, Braggs apple cider vinegar diet can be really bad for the teeth because of the acid from the vinegar. The way out of this is to brush your teeth thoroughly after every meal and before going to sleep.


It functions in the following ways:

Helps to reduce cholesterol level

Bile is a viscous yellowish liquid produced by the liver that helps to break down the dietary fats and to dispose off the leftover cholesterol and other toxins from the liver. Poor bile production hampers the liver activity which may result in accumulation of fats and cholesterol to cause obesity. Consuming one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar early in the morning kick-starts the bile production to promote fat breakdown and cholesterol decomposition.

Lowers the blood sugar level

A spike in the blood sugar level increases the cravings for snacks and unhealthy processed foods which is a big turn off if you are trying to shed a few pounds. According to a study published in the Journal of Functional Foods, apple cider vinegar helps to lower the blood sugar level. The participants who drank 8 ounces of water (mixed with vinegar) prior to the meals recorded low levels of blood sugar than those who didn’t.

Aids in blocking carbohydrates (starch)

Gone are the days when it was believed that carbohydrates are bad for health. The new age of dieticians recommends consumption of carbohydrates on a regular basis to ensure a balanced diet. The starch contained in carbohydrates has a tendency to quickly convert into glucose and stimulate the release of insulin in the body. The insulin triggers the storage of glucose in the form of fat. Hence, eating starchy food pushes your body into the fat storage mode. The acetic acid content in the vinegar interferes with the body’s ability to digest starch. It helps to reduce the storage of glucose in the form of fat. Over a period of time, this starch blockage activity would definitely have an effect on the body weight.

Promotes a healthy digestive system

Your gut contains trillions of probiotics (healthy bacteria) that helps to break-down the complex food particles; combat the growth of disease-causing microbes and regulates the immune system. Apple cider vinegar acts as a catalyst for these probiotics. The probiotics feed on the pectins contained in apple cider vinegar for growth and development. Hence, apple cider vinegar helps to maintain an optimum gut flora for smooth digestion and body metabolism.

Suppresses the appetite

Apple cider vinegar contains pectins- a type of soluble fibers which provides a feeling of fullness to suppress the appetite for all the good reasons.

Acts as a mild laxative and diuretic in nature

Apple cider vinegar acts as a mild laxative to accelerate the elimination process and ensure regular bowel movements. Also, it has a diuretic effect to release the excess stored water from the body.

Promotes body detox

Body detoxification refers to the thorough cleansing of the body to get rid of accumulated body wastes- undigested food, cholesterol, saturated fats, and disease-causing microbes. Due to unhealthy diet and poor lifestyle habits, the body metabolism gets slow down and piling up of body toxins starts. The combined effect of the sluggish body metabolism and accumulated body toxins would result in obesity. Apple cider vinegar is a detoxifying elixir- natural and safe. It promotes digestion, speed up the body metabolism, relieves constipation and excretes excess water from your body to detoxify your body from inside.


ou should consume one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar first thing in the morning and the last thing at night if health is your aim, to ensure you get a good nutritional start to your day and also provide essential nutrients for the repair process that happens while you sleep.

If you are more interested in weight loss and as this food is an effective appetite suppressant, consume one tablespoon 15 minutes before all main meals. For most of us, this means one tablespoon three times a day. If you are feeling hungry between meals, you could also try a tablespoon to ward off an unruly appetite. As well as preventing hunger, this also means you get an extra shot of healthy vitamins and minerals.

It is a natural remedy for a variety of health issues and has been resorted to for years. Apple cider vinegar is prepared by the fermentation of apple juice. It has a lot to offer when it comes to weight loss, by helping to break down the complex fats and carbohydrates; reduces blood sugar level and cholesterol; reduces the food cravings; aids in digestion and body detox.

It is a low-calorie natural supplement with various nutrients and active ingredients- minerals, vitamins, soluble fibers, antioxidants, natural acids and enzymes that help to deal with obesity. It is prudent to know that apple cider vinegar in its concentrated (undiluted) form is a strong acid that should never be consumed raw. Our esophagus tube (food pipe) is not equipped to handle the same and can get severely damaged.

Hence, it makes sense to dilute it with water so that the intensity comes down. Also, it is important to monitor the dosage regularly. Start with 5-10 ml per day and gradually increase it up to 30 ml (2 tablespoons) per day. Going beyond 30 ml is generally not recommended.


Avoid drinking it as the first thing in the morning on an empty stomach if you have irritations as it may irritate the gut lining and cause burning sensation.

Dilute it enough, one teaspoon in one glass of water seems a good ratio.

Due to acid content, over-consumption of apple cider vinegar can damage the esophagus tube and tissues. Also, it can cause hypokalemia- a condition when the potassium in the blood falls below the required level.

Don’t forget to rinse your mouth well after drinking apple cider vinegar otherwise the acid in vinegar can erode the tooth enamel. Also, it can cause yellow staining on the teeth.

During the initial few days of consumption, you may experience temporary symptoms such as diarrhea, stomach cramp, heartburn or a headache. In the majority of the cases, these symptoms would fade away within a few days. If the symptoms persist, stop consuming it and discuss with your doctor.

Pregnant ladies, nursing women and people with chronic health conditions should consult their doctors before consuming it.

Each of the weight loss requires 1 teaspoon to 2 tablespoons per serving and normal consumption per day. Apple cider vinegar is great for you as well with its so many benefits. It’s no wonder the reason a lot of people are talking about apple cider vinegar and what it can do for your health. If you find the idea of drinking full tablespoons of apple cider vinegar too difficult, taking apple cider vinegar pills may be a good alternative for you.