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It seems that today, in health care, no one has time for us. We are rushed in and out of our doctor appointments only after a long stay in the waiting room. Even getting an appointment with some doctors, especially specialists, can take months. Hospital emergency rooms are always packed and are a long stressful experience for someone in need of prompt care. Blaming the doctors or nurses is not were the problem is. It’s the system and the system is controlled by the insurance companies and the government. As far as pharmacies go we see a lot of the same issues in the community pharmacy, especially the large chain stores. The pharmacist is often times too busy to interact with and council patients. The pharmacy staff is bogged down with insurance issues all day long, many of which could be avoided with better systems in place. The one place you used to go for free and easy advice is no longer as accessible. At remedypharmacist.com, we are an on line resource for all your health care questions. We are advice givers for those who simply can’t get access to this information in a straight forward, plain talking manner. We have approached the construction of this web site to be like walking into your local independent pharmacy of yesterday and having a conversation with your friend and health care advisor – the local pharmacist. We will continue to work on building on the content and the ever changing issues of your health. Some of our content is opinion- some straight fact from reliable sources. We are not afraid to take on the sensitive or controversial issues. Being “politically correct” is not our mind set either.

You will need answers and we will be here. Visit us often for peace of mind and better health. Remedypharmacist.com is here for you, our patients and visitors.