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Hello and Welcome!

If you’re coming to Remedy Pharmacist, you’re probably looking for answers. You may need a little more counseling regarding a recently prescribed medication. That’s understandable because the way healthcare is set-up nowadays, doctors rarely have time to answer any questions that pop up. That’s one of the things we’re here for, to provide answers. We help keep track of your medications too, in case you shouldn't mix prescriptions. We also counsel you on the safe use of your medications, providing you with insight as to what side-effects you might expect.

Another thing we pride ourselves on is helping our customers with over the counter purchases. The choices are sometimes overwhelming with so many options for relieving pain and caring for a cough, among other things. The difference between visiting a pharmacy instead of a convenience store is that you have an opportunity to talk to an expert. You can say, “Here’s what’s wrong, here’s what I tried,” and one of our experienced staff will be happy to help.

Now, we're proud to present Remedy Pharmacist, your local pharmacist on the web. Here we provide you with articles on everything from pain management to drug facts, and mental health to family planning. Save money with our free prescription discount card and subscribe to our newsletter to get timely updates. You can still talk to us via email or in the comment section and expect to get the same friendly service you will in-store from one of our well-trained staff.

Here at, you’ll get the answers you need online, just as you would in person. We always welcome your questions and suggestions, whether that's in a comment on one of our posts or a private message to our team. Please feel free to contact us anytime. We look forward to hearing from you!

Meet the Team

Frank Lombard

After attending Wilkes University and finishing up my Bachelor of Science at Temple University, in Philadelphia, I got licensed and opened my own pharmacy. My goal was to have a pharmacy like my father’s; a friendly shop where you’re more than a customer, you are part of a family. I spend roughly 75 percent of my time out front, talking to our customers and filling prescriptions. When I'm not out taking care of the customer service end of things, you'll generally find me in the office doing all the other things that keep our little operation running smoothly. Feel free to reach out at

My name is Frank Lombardo, and I’m the owner-operator here at Remedy Pharmacist. You could say I was born into the business. My father opened the doors to his pharmacy over 50 years ago. I remember being five or six and working for him, cleaning garbage up out of the parking lot. After proving myself, I was moved up to a cashier position, then delivery boy, and ultimately made my way to the pharmacy department. Over the years I learned the inner workings of the day to day business and developed pride in outstanding customer service.

By the time I graduated high school I had realized that I already had a lot of work experience, and I’d also gained valuable insight into the world of pharmaceuticals. So, it made sense to get my degree and become a pharmacist. My plan worked perfectly as I was able to intern on breaks and during the summer in my father’s pharmacy while I completed my studies.